"Quality  Products and Services for a Smart Solution."

QPS TECHNOLOGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS INC. (formerly QPS COMPUTER SOLUTIONS) is a Cebu-based company founded on January 2014.  We started as a service center for all brands of Uninterruptible Power Supply.  As the years go by, we expanded our market into the competitive and challenging world of Information Technology and Industrial and Engineering Services.  Since the beginning, our core mission is to provide our valuable clients a great value of products and outstanding services that would meet their standards and expectations.              

As part of our I.T. products, we represent everything from personal computer parts, notebook computers, servers, storage systems, point of sale machines, networks & telecommunications, security & surveillance and IoT Solutions.  We continue to provide sales and support for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) industry including brand new UPS, supply and replacement of battery and as well as repair and maintenance and other out-of-sales warranty related concerns.               

With our current customers ranging from humble home offices to striving small and medium and as well as large corporate businesses, our goal has always been to provide a quality products and reliable support to our customers.

In the coming years, the company aims to produce an even greater customer satisfaction and excellent service in Information Technology and Engineering industry.

QPS has a reputation for integrity and high quality service to clients, which include a variety of entities from individuals to multi-state consolidated corporate groups with hundreds of employees.  

We have served various clients in the country with the following industry groups: BPO, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Distribution, Mining Resources, Schools, Supermarkets, Hotels & Restaurants, Shopping Malls, and many more. 

The best part of our company is the people that we have privilege of working for.  As our partner, you are the reason we are No. 1 in the industry and we truly appreciate that!  We assure not to take advantage of your business  and will do anything in our power to ensure the success of your project.